Bonds issuance on blockchain

At the moment, bonds are issued by companies and banks and subject to a large number of formalities. The sale of bonds is done mainly through exchanges and brokers.


As a rule, bonds are placed on the local market because of legislative restrictions.

Mandatory, but not always justified, involvement of third parties at the stage of issuance.

Buyers of foreign bonds lose on currency conversions.

Most bonds are available only to professionals.

The absence of a single global platform for issuing bonds.


In the new model, companies, banks and even states can issue obligations in the form of token bonds using technological solutions based on the Credits block-platform.

The specificity of the bonds on blockchain is that they not work not with traditional depositories, but in Credits the network. The sale (moving of the asset) does not occur with the use of clearing participants, but with the help of Credits solutions for moving bonds between the accounts.

Bonds are issued as a token on the blockchain platform. The issuer uses smart contracts as a technological solution for managing security parameters.

All transfers are displayed in the public transaction register. The sender and the receiver can be sure that the transfer is complete, since they have access to the same data in the blockchain.

The management of the logic of calculating income and its transfer occurs through the use of built-in software solutions - smart contracts. This is a stand-alone solution that runs on the basis of Java code.

The attraction of financing using blocking solutions has a number of advantages and is generally easier than traditional financing.

Blockchain bonds cause exclusion of intermediaries and change the approach of interaction with investors: everyone, irrespective of their location, can be an investor and can invest in any project in any country.


Attracting financing in large volumes and for a simpler procedure than using traditional issues.

The company can offer its obligations regardless of location.

Simplicity of involving investors by selling bonds to a wide range of investors. A simple exchange of bonds for money or a cryptocurrency.

The open API enables integration with other services: crediting under bonds, circulation on exchanges, exchange of bonds for assets.

Absence of exchange rate problems with foreign investors when calculating in national currency. Crypto-exchanges find the optimal exchange rate.

Release does not require permits. Anyone can issue obligations if they are in demand (taking into account the legislative characteristics of countries).

Blockchain as the future of securities

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Why Credits?

We have created a unique blockchain platform which makes it possible to adopt blockchain technology in a variety of existing industries

A unified protocol for issuing, storing and transferring various types of assets

Infrastructure on a distributed network with a public registry

Accounts system with public and private keys

Set of security systems

Built-in programming language for creating services

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