Payments and transfers

Payments and transfers

Transitioning to the blockchain system simplifies transfers and payments of goods and services. Intermediaries are excluded from the chain and the digital asset is moved directly from a sender to recipient.

Problems with payments and transfers

Using technologies on the Credits blockchain solve the following problems:

The slow speed of transferring money between parties.

Intermediate links in the payment or transfer chain.

High cost of transferring payments.

Advantages of our solution

Businesses can use the Credits platform to create payment and transfer services using blockchain in several combinations:

Digital assets for making payments.

Services can create their own internal and intermediate digital assets and tokens for payments and transfers.

Use of CS cryptocurrency for settlement purposes.

Businesses can use our CS cryptocurrency as a payment unit between parties in a deal. This allows for the automatic exchange of CS for fiat and other currencies through the Exchange API.

Using third-party cryptocurrency for transactions.

Transfers of third-party cryptocurrencies (including Bitcoin) and their integration into services created on the Credits platform.

Use of smart contracts to transfer fiat currency.

The possibility of using a combination of fiat money and Credits blockchain and integrating them with the help of open APIs.

Read about the Credits solutions for payments and transfers

We are offering you to learn more about using the Credits for payments and transfers.

Why Credits?

We have created a unique blockchain platform which makes it possible to adopt blockchain technology in a variety of existing industries

A unified protocol for issuing, storing and transferring various types of assets

Infrastructure on a distributed network with a public registry

Accounts system with public and private keys

Set of security systems

Built-in programming language for creating services

Contact us

We have a strong team of programmers and support offering:

Consultations on how to use technologies

Help with PoC (proof of concept) and MVP development

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