Invite a friend and you will both get $10.

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  • High approval rate.
  • Invite investors, get a 5% reward.
  • Invite your friend program.


    Both the inviter (referrer) and the friend receive $10 when the friend starts using Credits Wallet through your personal referral link.

    How to start?

    Download Mobile app or use Web app
    Create an account on Credits' App or Web.
    Get your affiliate link on Credits' App.
    Share the link to your friends and referrals.


    A friend should open a Credits account, apply for a Mastercard debit card, fund it with at least €50, and make a minimum of five card payments in shops or cafes totaling no less than €25 within the first 15 days of registration.

    Inviter Requirements

    The inviter (referrer, who invites friends) must also meet the program terms themselves and must be actively using the card product, with deposits and expenses at least equal to those of the invitee. Inactive accounts of the referrer may lead to denial of payment.

    The inviter has a limit on inviting no more than 2 referrals within 1 month. The limit can be increased, but prior invites need to be verified.

    For professional distributors, YouTubers, Telegram groups and channels (including the promotion of crowdfunding), forums and websites, this requirement can be excluded only after preliminary verification of advertising placements. Where the referral link will be located. Without prior verification, all referrals will not be accepted.

    Viewing statistics

    You can access your personal link on the mobile app and web app, but viewing statistics is only possible on the website version

    Means of payment

    Remuneration is paid in USDT at a ratio of $1 to 1 USDT, credited to the wallet within 5 to 10 days of the next month. The company reserves the right to payout the remuneration earlier after fulfilling the program terms and requirements. Full program details terms.

    If you have questions, ask in the in-app support chat.

    Start inviting friends