Become a representative in your country and community.

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Ambassador program.

A program for building and supporting Credits local communities in your country.

Join Ambassador program

Ambassador terms and conditions.

Potential participants

Сrypto Enthusiast, Youtubers, KOLs, Telegram & Discord channel owners, Facebook groups, etc.

You can get rewarded for

Help us grow the Credits family by inviting more users into Credits.

Promote Credits and educate community through AMAs (Discord, Twitter Spaces, Telegram, etc.)

Creating video clips. Reviews on YouTube. Promotion on social networks. Advertising on telegram groups. Writing articles.

Run Community Credits-related events and contests to inspire engagement and loyalty.

Create brand awareness worldwide and be an advocate of Credits, sharing first-hand knowledge and expertise.

Share first-hand Credits knowledge and expertise following up on the official news & updates.

Payment of remuneration

$200-$1000 per month (remuneration is discussed individually).

Affiliate program.

The duration of the program is



To apply for the Ambassador program please, sign up using the Form below:

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