One Wallet for your Banking and Cryptocurrency.

Credits Wallet is a free, simple and reliable app for managing money, making payments and using crypto all over the world.

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Managing money on Credits Wallet.

An all-in-wallet with no intermediaries; up to 3 times cheaper and simpler to use.

Debit cards
Open online, use worldwide.
Store money
Securely store under protection.
Pay and receive like in a bank.
Buy, sell, store, exchange.

Mastercard for

Use the Credits debit Mastercard at over 50 million locations, such as stores and cafes. Top up the card from cryptocurrency.

Free dedicated IBAN for payments in EURO.

  • Open in minutes on Credits Wallet.
  • Receive and Pay in EUR via SEPA instantly.
  • Store money securely.

Top up IBAN and debit card with crypto.

Top up the card with cryptocurrency via converting it into fiat currency and adding to your IBAN and card's balances. All on Credits!

Buy and sell crypto with fees up to 3x lower.

  • On Credits, you can Top up your IBAN and purchase crypto with the lowest fees.
  • We also support VISA, Mastercard and bank transfers for Top ups and Withdrawals.

Receive, send and exchange cryptocurrency.

Credits is a simple, secure, fully compliant and reliable custodian wallet licensed in Europe that supports 40 coins and tokens.

It’s easier in apps

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