Very important!

  • ATTENTION! Do not send ETH from exchanges and exchangers directly - you will not be able to get CREDITS tokens.
  • Only send ETH from the address to which you have full access (including access to the Private Key).

Conditions of buying tokens:

  1. The minimum payment is 0.01 ETH;
  2. Install GAS 250 000 (unused gas will be returned to you), GAS PRICE is set at 70 gwei (minimum). See

CREDITS - A new generation of blockchain

CREDITS - a new generation of blockchain with fundamentally new technical capabilities that did not exist until now.

We are replacing old technologies by offering new approaches to the construction of registry, processing, consensus, preservation and transmission of data. We implement the principles of very low transaction costs for widespread introduction of the CREDITS platform.

Our mission is to introduce CREDITS blockchain and crypto currency technologies everywhere, and make decentralized relationships a reality. Our technology allows us to do this.

We have developed our MVP and work is underway on our on Alpha Version. We have received a lot of positive feedback and we have a huge demand from users and experts who are happy to implement what has been planned.

CREDITS Platform Documents

White paper

Technical paper

Presentation short

Presentation long read

3-page Teaser

CREDITS - a cryptocurrency

CREDITS is a cryptocurrency that will be used within the platform as a payment for services and also has a huge potential to move beyond the platform as a free monetary unit

Increase in the Value of Currency

One of our main tasks is to promote the CREDITS platform and cryptocurrency. To do this, we will create a fund that will help to create products within the platform and will use CREDITS cryptocurrency.

CREDITS on the stock exchanges

CREDITS tokens will be traded in the stock exchange after our ICO campaign in February 2018.

CREDITS terms and conditions of ICO campaign

The purpose is to optimize ICO terms and increase investor’s confidence in the conditions detailed below.

Escrow for ETH received in ICO

Escrow is a way of blocking funds allocated in ICO by third-party people until the occurrence of certain specific conditions. Independent escrow person block ETH (money raised in ICO) until compliance with the conditions (obligations) can be verified. The team will not be able to spend the ETH raised during the ICO until the obligations for the development of the alpha version and release a full release of the platform are fulfilled.

Some ETH received in ICO will be frozen by four signatories of famous and well known people from the blockchain industry

  1. Escrow 1 - CRYPTO4ALL Paris (Escrow organiser)
  2. Escrow 2
  3. Escrow 3
  4. Escrow 4

  • 50% - (max 10 mln $) will not be frozen and are being used for the development and promotion of the project
  • 30% - frozen up to the release of the alpha version (after persons from Escrow board will approve launch Alpha version of CREDITS platform)
  • 20% - frozen up to the first Release (after persons from Escrow board will approve launch Release version of CREDITS platform)

ICO dates

  • Pre-ICO 10th Nov 2017- 15th Dec 2017
  • ICO 15th Jan 2018 - 15th Feb 2018

ICO caps

  1. Soft cap $15 mln USD
  2. Hard $20 mln USD
  3. Min cap $1.5 mln USD

During ICO, the company plans to raise and sell the tokens at 15-20 million US dollars. In the first half of the year, the company will only be able to use 50% of the funds collected, but no more than 7-10 million US dollars for the finishing of development and promotion of the platform. The rest of the funds will be unlocked after the Alpha launch and the Release of the platform.

We believe that the large funds collected in the ICO have a negative pressure on the potential growth of the prices of the token in the future.


The total number of issued tokens 1 000 000 000. The tokens exchange rate is 1 ETH = 5000 CS (CREDITS)
  • ICO - 60%
  • Bounty - 2%
  • Bug bounty - 2%
  • Founders - 15%
  • Advisors - 1%
  • Operation - 20%

Tokens left for operations.

According to the calculated budget of the project, the company will need 15-20 (soft and hard caps) million dollars for the first year of operation, development of the platform and its promotion. For future periods of 2-5 years, the team will gradually sell the tokens (operation tokens 20%) as needed in small portions so as not to provoke a fall in price.

This ICO model and finance development of the project will allow to quickly finishing and development of the project and finance project development and promotion in the future.

Tokens left for operation will be blocked for at least a year:
  • 10% frozen up to 1 Jan 2019
  • 10% frozen up to 1 Jan 2020

Founders tokens

After the end of the crowdsale these tokens will be frozen for a year.

Unsold tokens

All unsold tokens during ICO will be destroyed or burned

ICO Bonuses

  • 1st week 5%
  • 2nd week 2.5%
  • 3rd week 1.5%
  • 4th week 0%

Additional Bonus from the amount of purchase

  • 0% - up to 50 Ether (15 000 USD)
  • 3% - from 100 Ether (30 000 USD)
  • 5% - from 500 Ether (150 000 USD)
  • 7% - from 1000 Ether (300 000 USD)
  • 10% - from 2000 Ether (600 000 USD)


Pre-ICO - 30%
Additional Bonus from the purchase amount:
  • 0% - up to 50 Ether (15 000 USD)
  • 20% - from 50 Ether (15 000 USD)
  • 25% - from 100 Ether (30 000 USD)
  • 30% - from 250 Ether (75 000 USD)
  • 35% - from 500 Ether (150 000 USD)
  • 40% - from 1000 Ether (300 000 USD)

Legal registration

The operator of the platform is a company registered in Singapore and operates in accordance with the laws of Singapore. The company name CREDITS.COM PTE. LTD. Reg. No.: 201725929C Address: 79 Ayer Rajah Crescent # 05-08 Singapore 139955

  • We strictly work in accordance with the laws of Singapore
  • We do not use offshore schemes
  • Legal conclusion of licensed lawyers in Singapore
  • We interact with the Ministry of Finance (central bank) of Singapore http://www.mas.gov.sg/


January 2017

  1. Development of MVP
  2. Development of White paper

October 2017

  1. MVP Launch
  2. Pre-Sale

January 2018

  1. Issue Alpha Version
  2. ICO Launch

February 2018

  1. Listing on the exchanges

March 2018

  1. First Users

June 2018

  1. Release
  2. New services

Roadmap (mid)

1st year

  • ICO and access to the exchange
  • Publication of the release
  • Services and Projects

2nd year

  • New releases
  • Services and Projects
  • Promotion of cryptocurrency

3rd year onwards

  • Project support
  • Promotion of cryptocurrency
  • New releases