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The programming code is written in JAVA, and runs in a decentralized network of Credits blockchain and implements a sequence of calls of functions and methods of program code inside or outside the network

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Autonomous solutions

Thanks to their unique features smart contracts open a new page in building global services and solutions:

  • A smart contract is a program that does not work on one server or computer but on multiple network nodes. In the event of a stop or failure of one of the nodes the network automatically transfers execution to the other nodes.
  • The network, in which the smart contract operates, is decentralized. There is no owner or administrator of the network. The program code is executed in the network of nodes, and not by only one of them. This means that if it is launched, then no one can stop it except the owner as long as this functionality was specified in the smart contract code.
  • Payment for the smart contract execution is done in the internal cryptocurrency, Credits (CS). The system automatically charges a small fee for the execution of each function from the account. The fee goes to the owners of the nodes that store the database and process the rounds. The fee volume depends on the number of changes made to the blockchain.

Credits unique characteristics

The network is capable of handling more than 1 million operations per second

Execution time of 0.05-0.20 seconds per operation

The cost of the operation is dynamic and starts from $ 0.001

Credits advantages

High transaction speed from 0.05 sec per operation

Low, dynamically calculated, transaction fees starting from about $ 0.001.

Turing complete programming language of smart contracts.

The ability to connect external systems to a smart contract.

Smart contract’s language supports cycles and task scheduling.

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