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The ability to utilise Credits blockchain smart contract features to create repetitive actions within the blockchain network, call and interact with external IT systems.*

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Cyclic invocation of methods in a smart contract that supports the appeal of the smart contract to a third-party applications

Cyclic call to action within the network, the Credits server or IT system or actions inside the smart contract

Automation of processes

A cyclical launcher service periodically executes a specific method of smart contracts. It is important for all solutions that require repeated or regular execution of certain operations.

The service can coordinate the periodic launch of smart contracts on the nodes throughout the network and call external IT systems connected to the Credits blockchain. Performing tasks in a decentralized network serves as a guarantee of maximum reliability.

Managed execution of smart contracts is the future of blockchain solutions development. A cyclical launch allows to perform repeated registration of data from sensors and oracles crucial for financial, IoT and other solutions.

* Expected to release in Q1 2019

Examples of use

Here are some examples of how to use the Credits cycles

Managing IoT devices with periodically repeated actions managed through a smart contract.

The cyclical launch of third-party services and software solutions from a smart contract via API and application gateways.

Implementation of financial and other services that require periodic execution of operations for funds write-off and sending control data.

Periodic recording into the Credits repository of information from external sources for display to its external users.

Credits unique feature

Credits platform differs from other solutions thanks to the built-in cyclical launcher. Developers are able to create services with minimal involvement of a third-party IT systems. In other words, solutions can be implemented directly within the framework of the Credits blockchain smart contracts. Thanks to this, you can create stand-alone services that will work globally on all nodes of the network.

Credits advantages

High transaction speed from 0.05 sec per operation.

Low dynamic cost of transactions (from approximately $0.001).

Turing complete programming language of smart contracts.

The ability to connect external systems from a smart contract.

The smart contracts language supports cycles and task scheduling.

Using a public API / SDK.

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