European IBAN account for payments in EUR

Open an IBAN account in seconds without visiting the office.
Send and receive money Europe and Worldwide.

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Manage money easily

Open a European account without any bureaucracy
A dedicated IBAN account from Credits can be opened online without visiting an office. Complete the procedure in Credits' App.
Get your own unique personal IBAN account number
Each Credits Bank account has a unique IBAN (International Bank Number) which allows you to send and receive funds to and from anywhere in the world.
Send and receive EUR payments within one business day
Just initiate a payment, Confirm it with an SMS. To receive money just share your IBAN.
Deposit funds into an IBAN from your crypto wallet, all in Credits' App.
Simply and quickly top up an IBAN from a cryptocurrency wallet and then withdraw it too, all inside the Credits' App. Fast and convenient.

Use your money without limitations

Send money both in Europe and Worldwide
Receive payments from international customers and global marketplaces.
Send money to your partners through payments to their bank accounts in Europe.
Buy and Sell cryptocurrencies and save them on your individual EUR IBAN account

Dedicated EUR

Unique IBAN
Each Credits account has a unique IBAN and GBP account.
SEPA and Faster Payments
SEPA transfers for EUR and Faster Payments for GBP.
No hidden fees
You know exactly what you’re sending and receiving.
Top up IBAN with cryptocurrency
Quickly top up your IBAN with crypto, everything within Credits' App.
Free transfers
Internal payments are free inside the Credits App.
Friendly support
We are here to support you via live chat within the app 24/7.

In case you have questions

What is an individual IBAN account?

This is an individual European EUR account in the SEPA payment system. This account belongs only to the Owner. This account is convenient for receipts, transfers to third parties and transfers around the world.

What is Credits Wallet?

The Wallet is the first section in the Credits' App where the User can open an IBAN account and get a bank card. The second is the Crypto section where crypto products are offered.

How to open an IBAN account?

First you open a Crypto account and then additionally provide proof of address. If you already have a crypto wallet you need to go through additional identification sending a proof of address. You can send it to the Support Chat.

How long does it take to open?

As a rule, after the submission of documents, the opening of your account takes several hours.

Where is the IBAN account opened?

IBAN Services are provided by Monetley, a company registered with the FCA in Great Britain as an Electronic Money Institution (EMI) (FCA Registration Number: 900921).

Is my money safe?

Your money is protected up to 100,000 EUR in accordance with the UK's Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

How much does it cost to open an IBAN account?

Depending on your plan, it may be a Standard or Individual plan. You can see all commissions in the Commissions and Limits section.

How much do IBAN account transactions cost?

Depending on your plan, it may be a Standard or Individual plan. You can see all commissions in the Commissions and Limits section.