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Open a dedicated IBAN online for EUR payments.

Use IBAN for storing money and make payments to anyone on Credits Wallet.

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Simpler than a bank.

Salary, utility bills, at the same time with cryptocurrency products on Credits Wallet.

Open IBAN online
Open a European IBAN account effortlessly, free from bureaucracy.
Store money in IBAN
Your funds are safeguarded under European legislation.
Send, receive online
Make EUR payments through SEPA easily, from/to anyone.
Transfers to crypto
Easily deposit funds from your IBAN to your crypto wallet.

Deposit IBAN from crypto account.

Users can quickly transfer money between IBAN account and crypto EUR balance on Credits Wallet.


Send money via SEPA in Europe and worldwide

Money on Credits’ IBAN accounts is segregated and protected by European legislation. No one except the customers have access to their money.

Send and receive money from friends, family and your work on Credits’ App.

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