Open individual IBAN account in Credits' App.

European IBAN accounts for payments in EUR.
Send and receive money throughout Europe and Worldwide.

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Use Credits like a traditional bank.

Users can get their salary, or pay their utility bills, all while using their cryptocurrency products.

Open a European account without any bureaucracy in the App

A dedicated IBAN account from Credits can be opened online without visiting an office. Complete the procedure in Credits' App.

Get your own unique personal IBAN account number

Each Credits Bank account has a unique IBAN (International Bank Number) which allows you to send to or receive funds from anywhere in the world.

Send and receive EUR payments within one business day

Just initiate a payment, Confirm it by SMS. To receive the money just share your IBAN number.

Deposit funds into an IBAN from your crypto wallet, all in Credits' App.

Simply and quickly top up an IBAN from a cryptocurrency wallet and then withdraw it too, all inside the Credits' App. Fast and convenient!

Your wallet
without limitations.

Send money both in Europe and Worldwide

Receive payments from international customers and global marketplaces.
Send money to your partners via payments to their European bank accounts.

IBAN account
Buy and sell crypto and save it on your individual EURO IBAN account.

Dedicated EUR account

Unique IBAN 
bank account
SEPA payments in EUR 
in Europe
No hidden fees for sending money
Top up IBAN with cryptocurrency
Free transfers between Credits users
Friendly support in App’s Chat

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