"What is Credits?” by CEO & Founder Igor Chugunov

The Credits’ app is the future of digital banking, combining convenience, security, and versatility all in a single application. 

In a world driven by convenience, Credits stands at the forefront of innovation, offering a comprehensive suite of services that caters to the evolving financial needs of individuals and businesses. Whether it is their streamlined payment service, empowering cryptocurrency platform or cutting-edge cards, Credits delivers a unified and secure experience that simplifies financial transactions and unlocks new opportunities in the digital age. 

How Credits Works:

Credits is a payment service that simplifies the use of financial products and cryptocurrencies.

As a payment app, Credits has no physical branches. Instead, all of the company's products and services are available through mobile apps on both iOS and Android, as well as on the web.

The project was launched in the summer of 2022 after three years of development and clients have already shown a high degree of interest in it.


What is Credits?

- One app for payment and crypto.

- Credits is a payment app for crypto users.

One account includes the following products and services:

- Checking Accounts

- Crypto Accounts

- Debit Cards

- All Types of Payments

- FX and Crypto Exchange

- Investment in Stocks

Products and Services:

Our main focus is on the cryptocurrency audience, who use both cryptocurrency and traditional banking services.

What products and services are already being provided?

As of July 2023, Credits successfully offers more than 15 services:

Payment Services:

- Individual checking and bank accounts

- Payments in EUR via SEPA

- Transfers between bank accounts and crypto

- Payment Gateways (on/off ramp B2C/B2B services)

- Fiat-crypto B2B Gateway

- Buy Cryptocurrency

- Sell Cryptocurrency with a card or bank account

Cryptocurrency Services:

- Deposits with VISA, MasterCard or bank transfer

- Fiat to cryptocurrency exchange

- Crypto to Crypto exchange

- Cryptocurrency accounts

- Prepaid fiat accounts: EUR, USD, GBP

- Crypto transfers

- Instant internal transfers

- Withdrawal with VISA Direct, MasterCard Send or to a bank account

Credits Debit Cards:

- Issuance of debit cards (coming in August-September)

- Card payments in stores (coming in August-September)

- Card top-ups from cryptocurrency (coming in August-September)

- Top-up of cryptocurrency accounts with cards (coming in August-September)