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In case you have questions

What transfer operations are possible?

External transfer EUR, internal transfer EUR, transfer EUR from a crypto wallet and withdrawal Fiat to a crypto wallet.

How to deposit onto (top up) your Credits wallet account?

1. Transfer from another bank.
2. By transfer from crypto wallet in your Credits' App.

Is my money safe?

Your money is protected up to 100,000 EUR in accordance with the UK's Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

Can I transfer money to another person?

Yes, you can send money wherever and to whomever you want: Friends, relatives or to any other person. There are no restrictions on whom you can transfer money to.

How to send money to a third-party bank?

In the Wallet section, select currency, then select transfers. In the window that appears, select an external transfer, and then follow the instructions.

Why is my Incoming transfer not being displayed?

If you sent from a third-party bank, then the payment can take up to 3 days. If this period has passed, please contact support.

Why is my transaction is not being executed?

Perhaps there is a technical problem, there may also be various restrictions on your account. Contact the App's chat support. Contact support via in-app chat.
Contact support via in-app chat.

What licenses do you have?

Licensed by UK regulator FCA. Licensed by the FCA (United Kingdom Regulatory Authority) - IBAN provider in the UK, licensed since 2017.

How much does the money transfer service cost?

Depending on your tariff plan it may be a Standard or Individual plan. You can see all fees in the Fees and Limits section.