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CREDITS to list on LBank on March 27

On March 27, CREDITS is to be listed on yet another – the sixth – digital asset trading platform, LBank!
LBank is a Chinese trading platform, with the daily turnover reaching $142.56 million. For February 2018 as a whole, it is rated as number 14 in the Top 30 biggest cryptocurrency exchanges. Relatively low commissions of 0.1% are noteworthy, too. As soon as CREDITS goes through the listing process on LBank, the CS/ETH pair will become immediately available for trading. The CS/BTC and CS/USDT pairs will open somewhat later.
"Our team continues to act strictly in line with our long-term listing strategy” says Dmitry Sheludko, Head of Investor Relations Department at CREDITS. “We’ll keep on entering new exchanges, thus raising the bar. By comparison, the most recent exchange we've entered, KuCoin, has a daily turnover of $41.49 million. The ultimate goal of the strategy is to enable our CS token to be easily available for purchase both at small local and large global markets.”
As for KuCoin, the CS token has demonstrated stable demand and growth on the stock exchange in the past two weeks. It has joined the Top 10 coins in turnover. The developers’ Alpha testing report and our relevant publication (The Alpha version of CREDITS showed a speed of 488,403 transactions per second during the testing) had a great impact on the price level. Before Alpha testing, the CS price fluctuated around 0.00068 ETH; after the testing, 0.0012. Putting it another way, the token has grown 100%.
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