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CREDITS code is available on GitHub

The code of CREDITS blockchain is available on open sources.

CREDITS, a new blockchain platform, has announced that the part of its code now is available on GitHub.
This part is concerned about peer-to-peer technology implemented for the platform.
Transparency is a key approach and the main reason why CREDITS opens its code. For the company is significantly important to share clear and actual information with current and potential users. Viewing and inspecting this code gives a chance to make sure that CREDITS is decentralized system and to see how it works. Source code is accessible at GitHub here.

What is peer-to-peer and how it is implemented in CREDITS?

Peer-to-peer or P2P is a decentralized system where all the members of the network interact one to another directly without going through a separate server.
UDP is the main transport protocol used in within CREDITS blockchain. The information between nodes (particular personal computers with installed clients and connected to the system) is transmitted by this protocol. The protocol of CREDITS platform determines the structure of the network which regulates the connection between nodes and the method of information exchange within it. Nodes of the network store data by means of distributed hash tables (DHT) and transfer data via traffic level protocol UDP. So above the network based on IP protocol is being created a virtual network where every node is identified by special number — NodeID.

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