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Important update about Alpha-version release

The Alpha-version release

We are developing a serious product that demands a big amount of resources. The current team working on the project includes about 90 employees including 50 technical staff. The platform must be at most secure and implemented in accordance with specified technical characteristics - public decentralized blockchain, smart contracts and internal cryptocurrency. 

Due to unexpected technical difficulties we have to postpone Alpha-version release of the  platform, which affects the ICO dates. 

Starting from February 17 everyone will be able to test the Alpha-version of the platform. That’s why the ICO dates will be slightly changed.


Whitelist will be closed on February 15, 6pm UTC

ICO dates

Round 1 - Feb 17, one day for collecting funds from strategic partners. Total amount approx. 10%

Round 2 - Feb 18-20, two days for collecting funds from all wallets registered and approved in whitelist. Individual cap for round 2 will be determined after closing the whitelist.  Round 3 will take place if hard cap isn’t collected in Round 2.

Round 3 - Feb 20, the start of public ICO with individual cap about 1eth.

Token Distribution

We made initial planning of token distribution in October 2017. At this point we have to make slight corrections since there appeared some important issues which we haven’t taken into account previously.

Operation - 10% - locked for 1 year for next operation

Operation - 10% - locked for 2 year for next operation

Bounty - 2%

Bug bounty - 2%

Founders and team - 15% - locked for 1 years

Advisors - 2% - locked for 6 month

Marketing - 1%. Some tokens we spent for Pre-ICO and ICO promotion

ICO - 55%

Market making - 3%


To involve all ICO participants in escrow we have decided to create a new escrow scheme.

As we previously announced 20% of collected funds will be kept in a special wallet. They will be locked until 50% of our ERC 20 tokens are exchanged to internal coin of our platform. New platform with its own cryptocurrency is a confirmation that obligations for developments of the platform are fulfilled.


Thank you for your consideration. Please be patient, attentive and beware of scammers. There has recently appeared a big amount of individuals using CREDITS name for their fraudulent activities.

The main source of the information is CREDITS official website

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