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Credits team takes part in major events in Southeast Asia

2 July, Tokyo

Credits focuses on the Asian market and has taken part in several technological conferences in Southeast Asia over a short time.

Wuzhen World Blockchain Conference 2018 took place in a very scenic place in Wuzhen China, near Shanghai, in late June. It appears to be one of the major blockchain events in China with almost 4,000 people in attendance. Representatives of various companies and exchanges gathered together to exchange the most innovative ideas as well as establish the new contacts.

Credits could not miss the opportunity to partake in one of the industry’s major events. Speakers included Ruile Zeng from Knownsec, Dave Dong from the Ontology project, Arkin Li from Bytom, and Jun Zhang from

Evgeny Ivantsov, Credits PR Director, and Arthur Wang, Credits Business Developer manager in China, met with the representatives of Knownsec, a renowned information security company. Knownsec provided tech endorsement to Huobi and other blockchain technology companies. Knownsec is looking to have them review platform Credits.

Credits discussed the potential cooperation regarding the promotion on the Chinese market with 8btc. Also, Credits and scheduled a meeting in their new office in Shanghai to discuss cooperation aimed at introducing Credits tokens to China’s key cryptocurrency exchanges.

Credits team continued meeting with potential partners in Tokyo, at the 2018 Asia Digital Asset & Blockchain Congress, the event attracting financial institutions of Japan and Southeast Asia. Evgeny Ivantsov held another round of negotiations with Danny Deng, Chairman of Tai Cloud Corp., GM of Beijing Blockchain Ecosystem Investment Fund, Executive board of China Blockchain Application Research Center, to outline the details of the collaboration.

In addition there has been fruitful discussions with David Zhou, Banyan Network CEO, Dr. Richard Lohwasser, CEO and Dr. Kyung-Hun Ha, COO of Lition and Wesker Zhao, CTO of Jedpay, an ambitious start up from Thailand supported by CP group.

Lots of media meetings have also taken place with chinese media Jingse as well as interviews with Japan's public broadcaster NHK, Nippon Hoso Kyokai.

Dmitriy Sheludko, Credits Head of Investor Relations Department, took part in the Chainers 2018 Conference in Seoul. Participants addressed blockchain industry global development and regulation. Matthew Roszak, Bloq Co-founder, Hana Zhang, DAEX Co-founder, and others, presented their reports on blockchain industry development.

At the conference, Dmitry Sheludko held talks with Jun Li, Ontology Founder, and Duan XinXing, Bytom Founder.  Talks with the "godfather of Ether" Janislav Malakhov, Aeternity Founder, on the potential cooperation between Credits and the project Aeternity also took place.


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