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Credits And Depository Network (DEPO) Announce Blockchain And Fintech-Related Collaboration

July 19, Sofia

Financial technologies (fintech) is yet another field offering huge opportunities for innovators. Credits and Depository Network (DEPO) look forward to joint development of new financial instruments based on Credits’ blockchain technologies. The companies will work together on expanding financial services where cryptocurrencies serve as loan funds or collaterals as well as on providing services that offer high quality experience for both lenders and borrowers.

Depository Network is a B2B project combining the traditional financial system with the blockchain technology. Aimed at banks, credit institutions, and P2P lending platforms, its global mission is to become the decentralized collateral infrastructure. Depository Network boasts the most comprehensive portfolio of traditional and crypto currencies. It embraces automatic collateral release, multisig wallets, smart contracts, collateral insurances and a number of other unique features its rivals lack. DEPO aims at allowing all lenders worldwide to enter the crypto world, and Credits’ technologies will play a significant role in achieving it.

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