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Credits meets Zatgo to change the future of Travel Industry

Travel Industry is changing, maybe faster than any real-life service. Now every traveler can act like a professional travel agent – with the help of blockchain technologies. Credits and Zatgo – a blockchain-based big-trip project – will join their forces to create a new world of inexpensive and ingenious travels.


Zatgo foundation aims to build a large travel ecological alliance that integrates data and travel products in a blockchain big-trip ecosystem. It relies on the original advantages of the big-trip and blockchain and create a development of the token application function. ZatGo is the real realization of circulation and consumption which create a cross-chain payment channel. Through the ZatGo App client and API interface, ZatGo achieve a real landing with blockchain technology. ZatGo’s ultimate goal is to build a public big-trip chain. With all the travel data on the chain, it can improve the travel efficiency and reduce the travel costs and change the future travel mode.


Credits fast platform allows services like Zatgo to take the maximum from blockchain. We’ll looking forward brilliant partnership, creating the comfort future for our clients.

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