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Credits continues to win the attention of blockchain projects.

Credits is pleased to announce new strategic partnerships with a variety of promising projects.


 Antriex Mercantile Exchange is a P2P based Digital Asset Exchange Platform where one can trade top crypto pairs in a simple and secure way. Its flagship Exchange AntMEX offers innovative products based on sharing ecosystem business model.


 HIRECOIN is a job board for all blockchain professionals. Having the largest database of blockchain professionals in the world, the project broadcasts companies' job adverts to relevant people in the network and social channels.


 Eurocoinpay is an application developed with the technology that enables paying for a service or product via any cryptocurrency.


 CoinFit is a new generation of cryptocurrency service providing platform. The purpose of it is to establish a new financial center in the current blockchain era, and to write the future economy.


 B91 is an international blockchain community composed of 91 nodes all over the world, to create the yellow page & website, to cover the global blockchain industry information. It is used as the core and platform for global blockchain practitioners.


 Achiva is an affiliate network in the Blockchain niche. In the long run, the company has successfully implemented more than 150 affiliate programs and directly cooperated with the largest community of CIS’s best publishers.


 ModulTrade is a smart-contract blockchain-based ecosystem where enterprises can meet, commit and ​execute ​trade ​globally, ​easily, ​trustfully ​and ​efficiently. ModulTrade addresses the needs of small enterprises by eliminating the traditional barriers to entry in the global trade: lack of trust, high entry costs and complexity of trade related operations.


 AI Labs develops conversational interfaces with artificial intelligence. The company uses algorithms of the latest generation in the areas of natural language analysis, understanding of natural language and question-answer systems, such as LSTM, MemNN, Convolutional Neural Networks, Word2Vec, Ensembling Algorithms, Decision trees. AI Labs conducted more than a hundred experiments in order to improve models of machine learning.

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