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Credits to help Nuggets develop market leading e-commerce.

The two parties have signed a partnership agreement that will involve Nuggets exploring how it can use Credit’s low fee, high volume and fast blockchain, while Credits will look at integrating Nuggets’ ID and payment features.

Recently, Nuggets has received the backing of the UK Department for International Trade, The Mayor of London and The City of London, and was selected for the prestigious Access India Programme




“We’re delighted to be working with Credits to improve the experience of businesses and customers when they shop online. By combining our unique solution, which allows individuals to make e-commerce payments without sharing data, with Credits’ high speed, high volume and low fee blockchain for dApps, we believe we have the perfect foundation to do exactly that,” said Alastair Johnson, CEO and Founder of Nuggets.



“The combination of Credits and Nuggets will be of huge benefit to businesses and customers that want to build or use fast and secure e-commerce solutions on the blockchain. We look forward to exploring the range of possibilities that our technologies can provide together,” said Igor Chugunov, CEO of Credits.



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