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Credits Hackathon 2018

To all the Credits developers community out there and everyone who wishes to try out their skills at using the world’s fastest and most scalable blockchain platform! We are glad to announce the first Credits Developers Online Hackathon 2018 starting on December, 1.

All interaction with participants and submissions are done through OpenGift platform.





Moreover, we plan to conduct Technical Webinars to help further understand our technology. Online sessions will be conducted via official Twitch channel and all videos will be uploaded to Youtube channel. Schedule of the webinars:



The total prize pool of the competition is USD 10.000 worth of Credits (CS) tokens according to price of 6th January, 2019.

Rewards will be distributed as follows:


  • 1st place - USD 5.000

  • 2nd place - USD 3.000

  • 3rd place - USD 2.000


Technical task requirements



Development process


There are two main ways to focus on during the hackathon:


  • Development of decentralized applications for the industries including, but not limited to Internet of Things, banking, logistics, insurance, payments, medicine, copyright protection, industrial and consumer goods. You are able to check some ideas on Credits website - tab “Use Cases”.

  • Development of useful infrastructure services which will be helpful for future of Credits ecosystem, for example: web wallet, hardware wallet, blockchain explorer, decentralized exchange, various cross-chain and atomic swaps decisions, escrow, etc.


What need to be done on Github?


  • Create a fork of Third party Integrations and Solutions;

  • Create a branch in you forked repository (the branch name must match your project name);

  • Develop your project and put the source code in your forked repository. Act according to deadlines!

  • Put you project in separate directory (the name must match the project name);

  • When the project will be finished, create a pull request to merge your branch with master brunch

  • After the pull request will be confirmed and and possibly discussed, you project will be added to Credits repository. If your project is not finished, but you make a pull request before the deadline, your project will be added to the repository.


Hackathon schedule


1 step - registration. Deadline - 00:00 UTC, December, 9. All submissions are done through OpenGift platform.


Direct link for registration.


2 step - concept creation. Deadline - 00:00 UTC, December, 9. During this stage you should create a brief introduction of your future development. It must contain the following points - dApps/service name, estimated target audience, problems which are solved, estimated MVP functionality, final release functionality. You can also add any information which helps to deeper understand your concept. This information should be presented in pdf, ppt or pptx format and uploaded to OpenFift website.


3 step - development process. Deadline - 00:00 UTC,December, 30. By the end of this stage you should publish source code of your development in dedicated Github repository and send link to website or mobile app for testing of your development in real time mode. We will chose ten finalists at the end of 3rd round for participation in 4th round.   


4 step - presentation. Deadline - 00:00 UTC, January, 6, 2019. During this stage you should create a short video - 5 minutes max - containing the information about your development - concept, process of interaction with users, key features and benefits. Use screencast or a webcam to record your data. All information should be presented in most clear and understandable way.


Judging criteria


All process of selecting winners will be held by Credits developers team, the CTO - Evgeniy Butyaev and Deputy CTO - Konstantinos Sotiropulos. We will evaluate development according to below criteria:


  • Applications need to match the needs of target audience;

  • Easy implementation process and ability to solve problems of target audience;

  • Creativity and innovative approach will be a huge benefit;

  • Opportunity to expansion and growth

  • Quality and clarity of development code

  • UX/UI

  • Speed of interaction with users


Useful links


General links:



Links to Credits platform use cases:



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