These are accounts in various crypto currencies where your crypto assets are stored.... Read more

Choose the currency you are interested in. Then select the account you need, go to the “Details” tab.... Read more

After entering the card's details, the information is saved on the application.... Read more

For various reasons, usually from delays in processing transactions in the blockchain network, the transfer through the blockchain network may take longer than expected.... Read more

After sending your payment, the transaction changes from the "Pending" status to the "Success" status.... Read more

After selecting the “exchange” function in any of the currencies, by clicking the “All pairs” button, you will be able to see all the pairs.... Read more

Please contact our support chat.... Read more

After selecting the account you need with the currency you want to exchange, you can use the “exchange” Button. And in the window that opens, select the currencies you want to exchange.... Read more

All exchange rates can be seen by clicking on the “All pairs” button in the exchange function.... Read more

Our fiat-to-crypto exchange fee is 0.5%. When exchanging cryptocurrency for cryptocurrency it is 0.5%. When exchanging cryptocurrency for fiat it is 0.5%.... Read more

Money can be withdrawn to any crypto wallet in crypto assets or to a verified card in your account in EUR from a prepaid account.. And also to an IBAN account.... Read more

The fastest is the output to the card. To VISA, Mastercard, JCB cards from over 160 countries.... Read more

The cheapest in terms of the withdrawal amount is the withdrawal to a bank account.... Read more

You can use withdrawal to VISA, Mastercard, JCB. Withdrawal is carried out only on a verified card.... Read more

In our wallet, this feature is free. You will only pay the commission of the blockchain network.... Read more

Having chosen one of the accounts you need, you can use the “send” function in a way that is convenient for you - by QR code, using e-mail, phone number or wallet address.... Read more

Transfers are made on business days. On weekends, operations take longer.... Read more

Perhaps there is a technical problem, there may also be various restrictions on your account. Contact support via in-app chat.... Read more

You can also withdraw IBAN to a bank account using the details. Click Withdrawal. Next, enter the IBAN account number in the SEPA payment system.... Read more