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To withdraw money, you must first verify the card for the accuracy of the number, name and surname of the cardholder.... Read more

Contact support, write to us at or telegram channel @CreditsSupport and WhatsApp +370 648 19982.... Read more

This is how payment systems work. Without the name and surname of the recipient, it is impossible to make a transfer.... Read more

It costs about 0.5% per card transaction. The cost is dependant on the withdrawal amount. You can find all commissions in the “commissions and limits” section.... Read more

From the IBAN account on the SEPA payment system.... Read more

To withdraw from your account, you will need the following recipient details:... Read more

Click Withdraw. Next, enter the IBAN account number in the SEPA payment system.... Read more

As a rule it is 10,000 Euro per day. You can find more details here.... Read more

Refresh screen. Different solutions are possible depending on the type of operation... Read more

After receipt, you will see the transaction inside the history of the corresponding account.... Read more