CREDITS in other news / 2018/01/16

Blockalive published CREDITS ICO details

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Early closing of pre-ICO clearly showed that CREDITS is appealing to people from all over the world.

"We have collected enough funds to actively develop the CREDITS platform according to the road map of the project. We apologize to all those who did not have time to participate in the pre-ICO: we were forced to close it as we have reached the hard cap.  In the nearest plans we have the ICO in February 2018. The acceptable fundraising limit of 20 million dollars is a reasonable sum for realization of such a large-scale project. ” – said CEO Igor Chugunov.

The Alpha version of the platform will be launched very soon, therefore it was decided to postpone the ICO date to February 1, 2018 so that everyone interested can test the platform and see how it works.

CREDITS uses escrow to increase investor’s confidence. Escrow is a way to block funds collected by ICO until certain conditions arise. The team will not be able to spend tokens collected during the ICO before the release of Alpha version release of the full version.

Read more about CREDITS upcoming ICO at Blockalive.


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