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Credits Node

A Node is a client side application that is installed on the user equipment. The Node performs the processing and storage of transactions, the execution and confirmation of the smart contract rules, request processing from third-party systems, and provides data when requested


Desktop Wallet

Desktop version of the wallet allows you to carry out transactions, monitor the balance, create new tokens, and also create, configure and execute any smart contracts in accordance with the specified schedule

Intelligent code editor for smart contracts

Use the intelligent code editor for smart contracts in the JAVA language without any restrictions (including cyclic constructs), with the possibility of debugging during development and without the need to deploy a separate SDK

Request for free consultation

We have strong developer and support team who are ready to consult you on use-cases or create PoC and MVPs.


What is Credits?

Credits - is an autonomous blockchain platform based on the principles of peer-to-peer network. It is a decentralized system for direct interaction of its members. Credits provides a completely new technology for decision-making and a new conceptual scheme of interaction. The system incorporates all the users of the network providing them opportunities for creating and using financial services. Every member of the blockchain is able to offer a service as long as to use different services. For the operations are used tokens - Credits (CS).

How to install the Credits Node?

Please follow the instructions below to correctly install the new version of Node with a built-in wallet. Step 1. Download Credits.exe Step 2. Open this file as administrator by right-clicking on the icon. To install CSNODE, click Next to install Step 3. If you want to create a program icon on the desktop, simply click ‘Next’, if you don't want this, uncheck it Step 4. The program OpenVPN will be automatically installed and started after the installation. This program sets up a secure remote connection to the server. If your NAT is dynamic, you need to use a VPN to bypass it. OpenVPN will automatically assign you an IP address in the network, and you will become a full network node. Step 5. Download new version of JAVA SE Development Kit from the Oracle website, select your operating system version, and install it according to the instructions on the screen Step 6. Launch CSWALLET from the desktop Step 7. When you first open the program, it will ask to choose the application to open itself, take the first one in the list of Java Platform SE binary Step 8. Great! You can now use a local version of the wallet on your computer.

What is the CSWALLET application in the Credits Node package?

CSWALLET is a desktop version of the wallet. It has the distinguishing feature of operating with smart contracts. The wallet works only in conjunction with running CSNODE that is started automatically prior to launching CSWALLET.


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