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Public register and ledger

This system monitors and displays each performed action within the framework of the Credits blockchain network.

All payments, currencies or digital assets, transfers and smart contracts are open and can be confirmed in the public register.

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Displaying the record of past actions and changes

Recording transactions or transfers of value

Displaying execution of smart contracts

Unchangeable transactions data

Companies and services can use the public transactions register as proof of the confirmation of performed actions. To use the registry you must have information about the accounts and smart contracts. The information will be displayed and actions will be performed using these entries, in applications, on the web-site, the Credits monitor or on third-party resources providing similar services.

The Credits network does not have a central administrative body or an administrator. Owners of the nodes do not have the ability to delete or modify the recorded data at their own discretion. The main feature of using the public transactions register in the Credits blockchain is its complete decentralization and the immutability of the transaction record.


The transaction recorded in the public registry can not be cancelled.

The appearance of a smart contract in the registry means its execution.

Proof of fulfillment of obligations for both parties involved in the contract.

The data stored in the public register is open to the general public.

Transaction registers are important element of an open global economy.

Technical advantages

Only the addition of data to the block must be paid for.

There is no need to administer the data.

Easy access and search.

Free access to stored information at any time.

Control of the access to information by other users.

A large number of nodes distributed around the world.

High speed of information exchange with the repository.

Recording and reading via both the Credits client and the API / SDK.

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