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300K transactions per second platform testing

The goal:

Test the operation of the network nodes, the data transfer protocol and other platform components for previously announced volumes — 200–500 thousand operations per second.

How did we accomplish that?

We’ve developed several multithreaded testing applications which simulate sending transactions to the network and launched them on a big amount of computers. The amount of users is over 100 virtual applications sending 500–10000 transactions per second — in average about 300 thousand transactions per second.

The results:

The team has successfully completed recent testing of the platform which has reached the peak system load.

The platform performed 200–500 thousand operations per second. During peak system loads the platform is capable of more than 500 thousand operations. The main testing problem is forming infrastructure solutions which will make it possible to load the system with more than 300–500 thousand transactions.

The stable test load is about 250 thousand operations per second. We will soon provide technical and video report about platform testing based on this data. All transactions will be displayed in the test network on the service

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