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Chipin highlighted top ICOs presenting at TNABC in Miami

Chipin has selected top ICO startups presenting at the North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami on January 18-19.

2017 was a record year for initial coin offerings (or ICOs). Over USD $4 Billion was raised using this technique last year. And if things are anything to go by in January 2018, this action is only going to increase on a monthly basis for the near future. Not only that, but the amount of money raised per ICO is also likely to go through the roof. What will be the first ICO through the $100 million ceiling this year?

The North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami held between January 18-19 drew some of the year’s early “star” if not break-out contenders. The event is part of the World Blockchain Forum: Investments and ICOs. In 2017, the gathering drew the hottest startups, funders and strategic partners from all parts of the planet. This year, the environment is even more fever-pitched. Here are a few of the companies that Chipin thought stood out, even in this prestigious crowd.

If anyone thought that Bitcoin or Ethereum were the last words in blockchains themselves, think again. The entire space is rife for disruption on the basis of cost, speed, scalability and engineered architecture.

It is also rife for disruption in specialized applications and verticals – starting of course with everything with a Fintech element. The team at Credits is certainly poised to present an interesting option for those looking for alternatives.

The company is clearly going after users who are looking for blockchain that is more secure, with new instruments for developers and users, and no working competition.

The comparisons with both Bitcoin and Ethereum are also pretty jaw-dropping.

In comparison with Bitcoin’s 7 transaction-a-second network volume capability and Ethereum’s 300-500, Credits comes in with a whopping 1,000,000. Transaction speeds are also blazingly different. Credits’ transaction speed clocks in at 0.01 – 0.03. In comparison, Ethereum takes between 1-5 minutes. And poor old Bitcoin chugs along at one every 10 minutes.

Credits is also clearly targeting the Fintech space. Their tokens can be used for everything from payments and bank services to cross-border trading, stocks and exchange services, and interbank payments (look out Ripple).

For those looking for an experienced team to helm such an ambitious enterprise and a well-thought out entrant and competitor in a still expanding FinTech space that has not heard the last word on core blockchain development, check out more details about the ICO, or go to Credits’ homepage which also includes many handy links to other informative documents.

Check the full article on Chipin.

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