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ICO Introduction of CREDITS on 14th of Dec in Amsterdam

CREDITS is a new generation blockchain. New, because we use advanced techniques that allow 1 million transactions to be processed in less than three seconds. It sweeps the floor with Ethereum and Bitcoin.
But CREDITS still has a lot more to offer, especially financial institutions such as banks, insurance companies and credit companies will benefit greatly.
In the coming months, the CREDITS team will travel the world to bring their innovative protocol to the attention of both professional and private investors. Investors who are looking for new opportunities with high potential will be presented with a presentation that also presents a very attractive incentive scheme.
Our partner Arjan Eikelenbloom will explain fundamental advantages and benefits of CREDITS.
Thursday December 14 is the turn of Amsterdam. You are welcome, access is free. We would like you to sign up.
For more detailed information:

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