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The latest updates from Credits

Have a look at how we have improved the functionality and significantly expanded the list of the capabilities of the platform. We have added new functions and information for your convenience. The most important update is the improvement of the mechanism of creation and execution of smart contracts. This week you can deploy your own smart contract and set it up. Only a few final steps need to be made for all the functions to be implemented.

What’s new?

Deploy and execution of smart contracts. We have prepared basis for the deploy and execution of smart contracts that you can create at Credits platform.

General smart contract information is now available in Monitor is a user-friendly form.

All smart contract transactions are also displayed in Monitor.

We have added new API methods for the work with smart contracts from external sources.

New design of web-wallet:

and monitor:

New version of software. Upload the updates to ensure correct work. We added new JDK library, EtherVPN, smart contract editor, updated node and desktop wallet.

Download the latest version on

More about smart contracts:


You will find several available functions at the smart contracts page:

— Search

— Create

— Execute

1) Create button redirects you to the page for creation and editing your smart contract. Here you can upload your own code.

2) At the left side of the window you can find the column with smart contract hashes. To find smart contract just scroll down the list or use search field above the list.

3) When you select the contract you need, and its address will be displayed in Contract address.

You can select any smart contract method from drop down list. These methods are written in the smart contract and implemented by contract executor. Click Execute for execution.

All smart contract actions are recorded in the block and displayed on the right side of the window.

Smart contract details in Monitor

General information about smart contract is available at the Monitor page

What can you find there?

— Address

— Hashstate

— Length in bites

— Methods

— Parameters

Source code of the contract and list of transactions within the contract are also available.

The main part of functionality for deployment and execution of smart contracts is ready. Some minor errors and bugs that we revealed will take some time to be fixed. All the functions will be available in several days.

We did the best we could to take into account users’ requests in our updates and we hope to get your feedback.

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