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Core Update

Over 5 months passed since the end of Credits ICO. In this article we want to summarize the results of our fruitful work, tell you about the most important milestones which were achieved by our team and share our further plans and new updated road map.

ICO information:

  • Total amount of  USD$ 20 000 000 was raised during Pre-ICO and ICO;
  • 120 000 requests for Whitelist for the total amount of $1 350 000 000 were received;
  • More than 15 000 contributors became token holders.


General information:

Lots of new team members have joined Credits. Now we have more than 110 employees working hard to reach our goals. Around 70 of them are developers and network architects, 30 team members are working on business development and in PR departments, the rest are regional representatives and community managers. 85% of source code was published on Github and we are going to structure it for better understanding of programmers. Credits network shows stable work and all system components are working well. Mainnet and Testnet releases will happen on Monday, July 16. Now Credits has more than 50 partners. We have involved two credible auditors companies to review Credits platform: FP complete and Red4Sec.


Community report:

Official telegram channel - 82.3K ~ increased by 330% since ICO

Twitter - 57.7K ~ increased by 560%

Facebook - 58.6K ~ increased by 1100%

Reddit - 9.5K ~ increased by 940%


Conferències report:

Over the course post ICO from March to July our team has visited more than 20 conferences in China, Vietnam, Singapore, Korea, England and Netherlands and other destinations and organised many meet ups with local community members. It is great to realize that our project has supporters all over the world.


Technical information:

Many technical articles and news were published for better explanation of our technology and its basis. Now everybody can understand how Credits platform achieves high speed, what components Credits P2P network has and how the process of consensus works.


Platform was built strictly according to our technical papers and meets all claimed requirements. What is done at the moment:

  • Transactions and inter-account transfer
  • Network synchronization
  • Innovative consensus algorithm DPoS+BFT
  • Multi-layer logic software structure
  • EDS algorithm based on ECDSA25519 technology
  • Blake2s hashcoding
  • Asynchronous data processing
  • Multi-platform software
  • Unique UDP-based bounded-buffer transport protocol
  • Conversion of data packages into binary format
  • LevelDB storage
  • Snappy data compression algorithm inside the storage
  • Built-in programming language for smart contracts in Java
  • Regulated calls of smart contract methods
  • Integration with external services using API


Testing report:

We have been publishing “Developer’s Journal” that allows our community to track all the  development process progress from the very beginning. Over the course of the last 1.5 months we have special private group of testers who helped us to fix important bugs of pre-release and gave feedback regarding source code on github. A lot of work was done, huge thanks to every tester.

Over 500 bugs were eliminated over the course of the testing.

“Developers Journal #15” contains detailed report regarding bugs which were fixed.


Future moves:

To give you a better idea of our further goals we have outlined the roadmap till the end of 2018. We plan to enhance the work of new users and partners attraction who will create dApps on platform and transfer their project to our blockchain. We are aimed at companies which only want to integrate blockchain technology in their business and currently working ones which are looking for scalable existing platform. We developed a fund to support perspective startups to build them on Credits platform. One of our main goals is to conduct a stress test in real environment involving our community members and reliable tech specialists. We do realise the importance of this step and researching the most credible way to present it. Besides that we want to involve our community members and independent developers as much as possible and conduct a hackathon to create dApps on Credits platform. The date will be announced shortly. After Mainnet and Testnet launches we will constantly work on platform optimisation in the field of stability, security and speed. In addition to this we are looking to do a bug bounty as well as peer reviews.


We still have plans to open several offices around the world optimise contacts with partners and work on local markets. Send your CV on if you want to join our team. Stay tuned and follow our updates! Huge thanks for support!


Updated road map:


—Mainnet/Testnet Release Candidate - July 2018

—Partners DAPPs and services development - Q3 2018

—Transition of projects to Credits platform - second half of Q3 2018

—Global expansion and partnerships building - first half of Q4 2018

—Non-partners token swap - second half of Q4 2018

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