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Credits & GoByte Partnership

Credits and GoByte are striving for smart partnership.

The other day GoByte enterprise arrived at the decision to create Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) on the bedrock of Credits' blockchain platform that will facilitate progress in consolidated solution taking of shareholders.

Credits is a public, high-speed, fully decentralized blockchain platform with Turing-complete smart contracts. One of the main features of using this innovative blockchain is a new unique consensus and decision-making algorithm based on multiple validation and data processing with secure implementation solution.

Business decision-making on key matters and development issues is at the forefront of any strong company. That is why mutual policy formulation on the basis of consensus smooth the way for company's success. DAO involves transparency, absence of hierrarchical structure and fast intercommunion. Credits enterprise offers its partner GoByte such technology with high transaction speed and reliability . As an addition to mutually beneficial cooperation, Credits is going to place their tokens on the GoByte platform and also in their multi-currency wallet.

Credits and GoByte agreed to provide each other with informational and consultancy support on strategies for dealing with technology and innovation and are looking forward to develop mutually beneficial partnership in a long-term perspective.

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