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CScheduler for Smart Contracts

Credits team is ready to delight the developers with the release of our multifunctional and fault tolerance service called “CScheduler”. It allows to perform tasks in a predetermined mode. Moreover, it enables to establish the execution of smart contracts in a certain period within the Credits blockchain network.

CScheduler is a Credits blockchain-based service that provides the ability to schedule particular activities at a defining moment or at specified time intervals. Its key feature is an autonomous decentralized approach, which is more likely to accomplish pre-assigned tasks through a distributed network of nodes than through a single machine. Thereby avoiding a possible error of one of the servers. The service has a wide range of application, for example in such fields as:

  • Finance. Making payments, withdrawing funds and funds-sufficiency checking.
  • Insurance. Verification of insured events at the appointed date.
  • IoT Device Management. Managing IoT devices without location attachment. Keeping algorithms and other elements in the network will allow implementing reliable monitoring and control.
  • Gambling. Verifying the timely result of the game and making the appropriate payments.

The scheduler allows you to set the execution of certain processes not only at a certain time and day but also cyclically and chaotically, depending on the specifics of your needs. Developers can enjoy the creation of their services within the framework of the Credits blockchain smart contracts avoiding the involvement of third-party IT systems.

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