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Card Dapp developed on Credits Blockchain Platform

It is a pleasant day to announce the launch of decentralized card game “Golden Girls”, well-designed by third-party developers on Credits platform. The essential principle of the game is the uttermost transparency. To take advantage of the gamble and log in on Golden Girls’ website download the Credits Browser Wallet Extension.

Golden Girls game is fully decentralized and provably fair which users can verify from every single outcome. It is captivating and easy to use the game of chance based on the card system. The game has a set of easy on the eye cards with an attractive design so the player can choose the most desirable one, place a bet, adjust his winning chance by selecting from 1 to 5 cards and try his luck. The card Dapp allows the player to have full control of his bets and manage his own risks. 

Credits Blockchain Platform is designed to develop reliable and secure Dapps. The card game is a perfect example of a collaborative elaboration that enables third-party developers to create wishful Dapps on a high-speed decentralized blockchain platform. Credits team is open to new proposals and welcomes all interested developers who are ready to fully enjoy the platform’s capabilities!

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