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Consensus 2019 Report

Last week, Igor Chugunov (Credits CEO & Founder), Kirill Mishanin (Credits Senior BDO) and Manana Samuseva (Credits Advisor) took part in Consensus 2019, one of the largest conference and expo that brings entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, traders, developers, academics, students and the curious together under one roof to explore, collaborate and debate the future of blockchain and crypto. The experts from different countries of the world discussed the beneficial future of blockchain technology and its prospects for the upcoming years, and presented their vision about cases of blockchain application in the present business.

The Conference took place in two adjacent venues, the New York Club Hilton and the Sheraton New York Times Square. Over 9000 people, including representatives of the leading global brands, such as Microsoft , IBM, JP Morgan, Deloitte, ConsenSys, Hyperledger, Enterprise Ethereum Alliance participated at the conference and Credits team had an opportunity to present our blockchain platform and discuss the potential cooperation in different areas.

After the conference Nitin Gaur (Director of IBM Blockchain Labs and Credits Advisor) invited the team to Token Taxonomy Initiative F2F Meeting. Over the course of the meeting Credits team together with IBM, Hyperledger, Microsoft Azure, R3 Corda and Enterprise Ethereum Alliance were discussing the future perspectives of blockchain technology, tokenization and the opportunities for mass adoption of this new innovative technology.

“Several outstanding days at one of the largest conferences in the world allowed me to look at the prospects of our technology in a new way. It was definitely a positive experience. It will certainly affect the subsequent development of the company. I have clearly defined for myself new directions for the further actions that will lead us to the new milestones and more accelerated methods for the growth of Credits ecosystem,” - said Igor Chugunov.

Kirill Mishanin and Jimmy Song

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