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Airdrop for Credits community. Stage 1

Never miss Credits Airdrop.

The Credits team is delighted to announce the launch of an official airdrop campaign designed to motivate platform testing activities. We would like to thank everyone who showed up to support Credits Platform and Credits blockchain community.

The airdrop is divided into 2 rounds. The first round starts right now. The cap of the first round is limited by 20 000 CS and will be distributed in equal portions between 1000 project supporters. The time plays an important role here, thereby read till the end and don’t hesitate to fill out an application form. The first 1000 of the fastest investors will get a reward. Tokens will be distributed periodically. Tokens per 100 users, then the next 100 users and so on.

Basics of Credits Airdrop:

1) Join Credits official channels:

2) Share this news with your friends on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn

3) Sign in your wallet on and save private and public keys

4) Fill out the application form 

5) Test the platform features:

  • Transfer CS currency between wallets addresses
  • Deploy and execute smart contracts
  • Create and transfer tokens between wallet addresses
  • Install and synchronize the node (Windows and Linux versions are available )
  • Use Desktop Wallet for the testings
  • Test Web Wallet and Monitor

In order to participate in Credits airdrop, and to make yourself eligible to receive the tokens from the first round of airdrop, please follow the link and fill out the application form provided. Further communication will be carried out via e-mail or telegram. Information regarding the second stage of Credits Community Airdrop will be announced in further articles. Thank you for attention.

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