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Credits Q2 2020 Report

This document presents the results of Credits' intensive work to create the most favorable environment for the further adaptation of our technologies in the financial sectors of the global economy, taking into account contemporary developments. The current dynamics of the company allows expanding its presence in foreign markets, satisfying consumer demand, thereby increasing the growth of the user base. To achieve our goals, we have interacted with our partners, engaged financial advisers, and established new contacts.

A singular opportunity for Credits to enter the next phase of infrastructure development has become the European crypto license. This event allows our network to secure a legal aspect during the exchange of cryptocurrency funds and fiat.  The feature has already appeared in the Mobile Wallet.

Over the 2nd quarter, the Credits platform has managed to add a new key partner, the PurePay payment processing company. By agreement of the parties, this interaction will allow the company to eventually implement the internal currency and blockchain technology in various services with the connection of payment gateways. Another partnership that captures the same inference is the agreement with Axcess, a British bespoke payment solution provider. We have touched on the subject of adapting and developing new strategies for payment processing.

An important endeavor of the company’s activity became the interaction with advisers and the development of additional approaches to the integration of financial services. We have welcomed in our midst for digital process development - Danny Fitzpatrick, an executive in the fintech industry, and Mike Aldren, a specialist in payment services and business process outsourcing. We shall have several preparations for the development of additional features for our users, which will give us a new step in the modern market of innovative technologies.

Credits has managed to meet the criteria of entering into Level39 membership club. Activity in this area allows us to work hand in hand with global multinationals, potential partners, customers, investors, regulators, and make great international contacts. It is a high-quality program to participate in multilateral meetings by demonstrating our capabilities and the unique nature of technology. This will bring new opportunities to our field and expand our work in the customer service space.

The company is making big strides in development. We are working to improve our products by making new contacts and creating new approaches to present to you our best in class facilities. Our technological capabilities and the results of an active company management policy allow us to attract a large number of users, including a non-crypto audience, to the use of company services. It is necessary for us to give the blockchain technology more data, to consistently remove the contrived barriers for its use. Here we would like to draw attention to the need to guarantee security and respect for the interests and confidentiality of our users. This is what we are distinguished by and constantly working on, intending to improve the system and take into account all the conditions of the modern technology market. The potential for using our blockchain technology is huge, and it is applicable in absolutely any direction and industry.

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