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Credits are pleased to announce the release of a new version of the Credits Web Wallet.

In our new version of the Credits Web Wallet we have added several functionalities to work with smart contracts such as:

-  deploying a smart contract
- the source code of a smart contract can be entered in the webwall editor. With this update it is no longer needed to ‘call’ a node to find a smart contract. You can specify the maximum commission then click the deploy button. Then the smart contract will be complied into the bytecode and placed onto the Credits blockchain. 
- error identification. Now, in case of an error, the API will issue an identification of the problem. Previously, when an error of any kind occured in the system message the error was indicated as null.
- API messages are outputted to the web wallet interface to inform the user about the status of the transactions they are sending.

The Credits team is keen to continue further development of the Credits Web Wallet to incorporate more features and to make using it as easy as possible.
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