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Credits Weekly Digest November the 6th

Dear Credits Community.

The other Friday is here, and the very last news from us. 

Most of the questions you've asked us last week, we covered in Q&A Session with the CEO on November 3rd. 

This week our development team was busy with technical improvements, integrations, implementations of new features, bug fix, and tests. All the usual for the technical side. We released here a short report on what has been done and what updates are expected to come out soon.

Speed Test! As we said last week, we are preparing an article with an update on this. My apologies we didn’t release it yet. We prefer to collect more results and make it more informative for you. The publication will be out next week. 

Among the main crypto news are new heights of Bitcoin, and the growing market cap of Tether. 

Bitcoin is in our new wallet version, which is to be released in the nearest days. Watch out for the announcement!

No videos from the PR team this week, but following the Credits community request for a swap video, we are preparing one for the next week. 

We have asked your opinion on what is the major driver for crypto adoption, and this is the summary of answers: 

1) Regulation 37% (this is the main obstacle, so no double in this)

2) Large-scale projects lounge

3) We are already on a way to it 21%

4) Investments 19% (surprising last place) 

We wish you a great weekend ahead and will come back to you next week with good news!

Do not forget to download our wallet, BTC and other features are to be released in a new version shortly! 

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