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Manual Token Swap: October Update

Credits team is delighted to share an update of the Manual Token Swap. 

In the beginning of November, another part of the Manual swap coins has been distributed. The total amount of swapped tokens has reached 224,232,759 CS.

The Manual Token Swap is carried out from December 20, 2019, to December 30, 2020. This opportunity for exchanging coins is provided for CS holders who missed the swap through exchanges. The next distribution of coins will take place on the 30th of November.

The statistic of Manual Token Swap: 

  • The total number of participants - 1430

  • The total number of exchanged manually tokens - 116,764,576

The current instructions for participating in the manual swap are available here. For all questions about the manual swap, please contact or the representative of the Technical Support team of the project on Telegram at @botstorm

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