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Credits Monthly Update, November 2020

Dear Credits Community, today’s Digest is the monthly overview of the results we have reached in November.

As you know Credits team is working hard on several things, so the updates here split into the directions of the work we do.

Speed/Load Test

We are preparing for the Public Speed/Load Test. And here is what we have achieved in our internal work for this during November.

The team has carried out more than 20 internal tests by now. We have provided the first interim results in the update from Nov 13th. In the first internal tests, we were able to reach 10k TPS on a public testnet with 8 nodes using the equipment specified in the report. 

As we stated in this report, an inefficient algorithm was identified then (occurring with a signature verification). The team analyzed the problem, found the decision for this, and started working on a solution to fix it. Further optimization was successfully reached, please see here more.

As of now, we have implemented a new node software that is in testing. Its power is expected to increase the results of Speed/Load Test by about 5 times (for ideal conditions). Today we are trying to set it up for the maximum performance in the test.

P.S.: the team will analyze the results of the tests made today, and a new publication by PR dedicated to Speed/Load Test will come out on Monday, November the 30th.


We added a staking tab to your account on the monitor. So now you can see detailed information on your funds’ availability and delegation. Full description of the functionality can be found here 

Digital Bank

November 1st  week: 

  • The Credits team was at the final stages of implementing the Bitcoin and exchange function.

  • The other works were done on improving the mechanism of notifications.

  • Purchase function which operates within the app without external referral was implemented.

November 2nd week:

  • The team was working on improving the usability of the Bank by adding lists of cards and contacts used most frequently.

  • Added earlier functions to buy and to exchange were going through the tests all the 2nd and 3rd weeks.

November 3rd week and up until now:

  • The team was performing the last tests on how Bitcoin operates in the Bank, checking that balances are reflected correctly, ensuring in the tests that Bitcoin exchange and purchase functions work smoothly. This test was successfully finished. 

  • The new version of Digital Bank (with all added in November features) has gone into the pre-release stage of testing.

Important information for ERC20 CS token holders

We are finishing the swap of ERC20 tokens to CS native coins. The last swap is happening now, the program runs till December 20th. Here is the instruction. Tokens not exchanged will be burned.

General Company News Updates

Credits Strategy for 2021 to be released in the next 2 weeks. We will also prepare a video with the CEO of the company, Igor Chugunov, where Igor will finalize the results we have reached this year and also will announce our goals and vision for the development in 2021.


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