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Credits Weekly Digest December the 11th.

It is Friday and time for our Weekly Digest! 

We would like to remind you that we are finishing CS token manual swap, please follow instruction to change the tokens to the coins.  The last swap day is December the 20th. 

We will burn all the tokens not changed after that. There will be an announcement on the exact number of tokens to be burned and the date when we will burn them. 

This week our development team continued to work on Speed/Load Test, and we shared the very latest results on Monday, please read it here.

The new version of Digital Bank is now almost ready for release. Stay tuned for further news! 

Traditionally we have covered most of the questions on company vision and business strategy in the Q&A Tuesday Session with the CEO

November Update on Node Reward Program is out, please check it here.

2020 is gradually finishing, and we are finalizing the results we have managed to achieve this year.

Today we’ve released a summary of the main accomplishments we have done in blockchain development. We are proud of our work and we are certain that next year’s strategy will put our technology in a better position. Paper with Goals for 2021 will be published on Monday.

We are also preparing Results and Goals for the Digital Bank and Video with Credits CEO, Igor Chugunov. We will be sharing roadmaps next week.

For now, we wish you a good weekend and we will come back on Monday with some greater announcements (currently being prepared)!

Do not forget to swap ERC-20 CS tokens to coins before December the 20th! 


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