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Credits and Good Crypto Marketing Partnership

Dear Credits Community. We are doing a cross-promo and marketing campaign with a crypto trading app GoodCrypto!

Introducing Good Crypto

Good Crypto is an ambitious fintech startup that is building an app for multi-exchange trading and crypto portfolio management.

Their app has combined all the functionality needed to trade and track your portfolio in one place. It is used by 50,000+ traders and crypto investors all over the globe. And now we invite you to join them here!
Thanks to Good Crypto, traders finally got an app where they can trade on all exchanges from a single interface, track their entire portfolio, and receive market and portfolio alerts for FREE!

Marketing collaboration and more

With this marketing collaboration, Good Crypto adds to its app market data and trading functionality for the Credits native coin, CS. Now all Credits holders can:

  • View market data on the CS coin, compare the prices across exchanges in real-time and set up custom alerts on CS price movements  

  • Monitor their portfolio on 28 exchanges and in Bitcoin and Ethereum wallets; 

  • Set up listing alerts for CS on 28 exchanges;

  • Trade CS using  advanced order types (trailing-stop, concurrent stop-loss and take-profit), t without locking trading balances before an order is executed;

  • Other features to add to be discussed.

As part of our collaboration in pioneering new digital products and services, we are also launching a combined airdrop/bounty program for Good Crypto and Credits community members. Please follow the link to participate.
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