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Q&A Session with Credits’ CEO, Igor Chugunov, Dec 22nd.

Hello all. 

Below I have covered questions related to the company strategy, vision, and business, received from our community during the week. 

Q: “Where is the tech group?”
A: If you mean where you can find the technical group in TG, here is the link:

Q: “Some news about speed test or new roadmap team Credits?”

A: Thanks for asking. Yes, there will be an update on the Speed/Load Test soon. Strategy for blockchain development in 2021 will be released before the end of the year.

Q: “Credits isn’t listed in CMC anymore? How do I check the price?”

A: Credits is there. You need to look for CS at their site. 

Here is the link:

Q: “How many coins will be burned and when this burning will begin?”

Q: “How many unswapped tokens are left till today?”

A: We will count the tokens unswapped in the nearest days and then we will announce the exact amount of tokens to be burned and when the burn starts. We will also inform the community on how the burn will be arranged in this announcement.

Q: “Will the burn increase token value?”
A: I think you mean coin value here. Well, circulation and total supply will decrease, these are the consequences of the burn. Regarding the value I can not elaborate on this, time will show. 

I hope I have provided here full answers and thank you all for sending us questions!

Please remember we collect them in our social media and TG chats during the week, and answer them each Tuesday. Anything else you wanted to ask us, you are very welcome to do so on our channels!
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