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Credits Weekly Digest January 29th.

Dear Credits Community, here is our Weekly Digest with the latest updates from Credits Team! 

Public Speed/Load Test. As we stated earlier, we are currently at the very last stage of internal tests. We are conducting a series of internal tests with external testers. The first internal test took place last week. At the moment, we are investigating the incorrect behavior of the node under high loads of data. We are analyzing the node performance in the conditions identified additionally, and checking the consequences of the fix solution on the appearance of such errors. The next internal test with external testers is tentatively scheduled for Monday, February the 1st.

Test in ideal conditions is also postponed to Monday or Tuesday next week.  

So the news on the Speed/Load Test will follow after these two planned tests next week.

On Tuesday, January 26th  we held a Q&A Session with Credits CEO, Igor Chugunov, where we have answered the majority of the questions we’ve received from the community in the previous week. Please find the full version of it here, in case you have missed it.

An important update was made to the node on January 26th. We have implemented the cap node restriction at 500k CS now, which makes it irrational to keep stakes above this amount. 

More details for the update can be found here.

We have received several comments from the community asking to inform in advance of any planned Mainnet updates, involving its full reboot. So for any future updates, we will make announcements well before the reboot so it doesn’t affect the users. 

The next Mainnet upgrade is planned for the spring. It will be dedicated to the quick node start. Some enhancements were done to increase the start time of the node, these updates are already being tested. Please note, that we are creating such a procedure for the spring update which hopefully will allow us to proceed with the upgrades without shutting down the Mainnet. We will keep you informed on this planned upgrade. 

Development of other products (Crypto and Fintech range of services) continues as per the roadmap. Releases of new products are expected in Q1.

Happy weekend to all for now, and we will come back with further news next week!


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