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Credits Weekly Digest February 19th

Dear Credits Community, our Weekly Digest is here!

In case you have missed the latest Q&A Session with Credits CEO, Igor Chugunov, please find it here. 

Public Speed/Load Test 

Dear Credits Supporters, we know that you are waiting for the news on the Test.

All this week we continued internal tests, yet not going ahead with the test involving external testers.

When running internal tests we've found an artifact that was stopping the synchronization process. In heavy workloads, it was causing the node shutdown, and in regular workloads, the node had to be rebooted to continue its normal operations. As this factor was presented in the interaction of several node's systems, eliminating it was not quick and we had to spend some time dealing with it.

Today the team has finished integrating the changes made to solve this issue and we are relaunching tests during the weekend. We hope this will be the final round of tests. Depending on the results received we will be setting a date for the internal test with external testers. 

Blockchain Development

For the planned April MainNet Update we are implementing quick start node functionality. 

On February 18th we’ve carried out the first internal testing of the quick start node feature. For the next several days, it will work under small workloads of around 1-2k TPS with 5-7 reboots per day. If within the next week it proves to be efficient, then the functionality will be placed on the TestNet.

To find more information on the scheduled improvements of the Blockchain this year, please refer to our Strategy here. 

Digital Wallet 

The team continues testing the pre-release version of the Wallet. We added the DAI token to the Digital Wallet. Please note that this token will appear in Wallet in the further release, not in the next expected. Please see the latest screenshots of the Wallet in testing from our Development team. 


Dear Credits Community. Thank you all for your continuous support and feedback! 

Have a good weekend and stay tuned for the news from us next week!

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