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Credits Weekly Digest

Dear Credits Community,  Weekly Digest with the latest news from Credits Team!

On Tuesday we've answered the most important questions received the previous week. Please find this Q&A Session here. We always welcome your feedback and questions, please feel free to reach out on our social media and TG chats. 

Blockchain. Public Speed/Load Test. 

Upon completed successfully last code changes in the node, this week we have done several internal tests. These included tests of the node and separate testing of the node individual modules.  

The team is satisfied with the results we have received during the tests, so we are now moving to the next stage.

Two internal tests are planned for the next week with third-party testers. 

The first is scheduled for Tuesday and the second is preliminary set for the end of the week, the date to be confirmed later.

Credits Digital Wallet

This week our team was busy working on the interface of the app and testing integrations with partners. Please see below the precise tasks we are currently on.

Design and Interface.

  • Multilayer navigation

  • Animation update 

  • Interface for different data states (for each such data state rendering its own UI) 

  • Preloading mechanisms (allowing heavy screens to be loaded before rendering starts) 

Integration with partners. 

We are going through an integration process with cards' and bank accounts' providers, and we are now proceeding with internal tests.

Credits Node Reward Program 

We have released today’s details on the February Reward distribution. If you are a node holder please check the full report here.

Big thanks to all our community for your continuous support and feedback! 

Have a great weekend and stay tuned for further news from us!




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