News Apr 09 ,2021

Credits Weekly Digest

Dear Credits Community, our weekly news update!

Blockchain. Internal Speed/Load Test
This week we finally run Credits Internal Speed Load Test and became very glad about its results. The test was completely devoted to the stability of work at high loads, we did not even aim to achieve maximum TPS, although its level reached approx. 71K!

You can find the more detailed results in our Credits Internal Speed/Load Test Report.

What is next?
After the information concerning the Test was published, our Community was about to explode with comments and questions about the possibility of running the Public Test. We decided to satisfy the demands and made a detailed Roadmap for the remaining part of April and May 2021.

And, yes, the Public Load Test is on its way and is currently planned for next Monday, April 12th. We would be extremely happy for our Community to come and join it and will provide all the details required on Monday morning.

The Credits Roadmap for the next two months can be found here.

Blockchain. Mainnet Update
As you may see in our Roadmap - the Mainnet update will come in three parts planned for May 2021. All the Mainnet updates will be first uploaded to Testnet, and, afterward - to Mainnet.

Mainnet update will bring such features as the new version of synchronization, multithreaded transaction verification, quick start of nodes, choosing trusted nodes for certain rounds, and other improvements. We will post a separate article about them later on.

Credits Digital Wallet

Development continues according to the plan:

  • An internal release of the app with acquiring functional is planned for mid-April 2021;

  • The process of adding new cryptocurrencies has begun;

  • The architecture for bank accounts within the application is currently at the final stage;

  • Several analysts and project managers joined our team.

As usual, we’ve answered the most important questions received the previous week in Q&A Session with our CEO Igor Chugunov. Please find it here.

We welcome your feedback and questions, please feel free to reach out on our social media and in TG chats. 

Thank you all for your continuous support and feedback! 
Credits Team wishes you a very good weekend, stay tuned for further news from us!

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