News Aug 13 ,2021

Credits Weekly Digest

Welcome to Credits Weekly Digest!

Here you can find all our news and updates that have taken place over the past few days.

The Process of Blockchain Renewal

Credits development team is pleased to inform you that it is making important steps forward in the user nodes restoration, which is in full swing. We are also in the final stages of the phased restoration of our own nodes.

As for updates with a quick start of the nodes, the first test on the TestNet has met with relatively little success to date comparing to the tests on local networks. In this regard, the team is now undertaking additional audits. We will keep you informed about all the results.

Credits Wallet Updates

Since we are continuing internal release testing so far, there are no major changes here. In addition, work on the integration of Credits cards is underway. As for the wallet crypto services responsible for interactions with different blockchains, we remain an essential focus on stabilizing the work.

Node Reward Program

We have successfully distributed coins to the participants of the Node Reward Program. The July report is ready and accessible to the public viewing in the following spreadsheet.

Q&A Session with Credits CEO, Igor Chugunov

As usual, we’ve answered the most important questions received the previous week in Q&A Session with our CEO Igor Chugunov. Please find it here.

All users are always welcomed to reach us out on our social media and in TG chats. 

Thank you all for your continuous support and feedback! Stay updated with the latest in Credits!

Please keep in mind that dates may change slightly due to a large amount of work and circumstances that may occur during testing. However, the Credits team will do its best to meet the required timelines!

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