News Sep 15 ,2021

Developers’ Library by Centr Blockchain Software

Dear Credits Community!

We want to introduce the Developers’ Libraries, created especially for Credits Blockchain by third-party tech experts!

Centr Blockchain Software is a group of talented tech professionals who work with Credits Blockchain! They are united to spread the knowledge about Credits among the developers and created a few fantastic things!

Library of documentation is the first source of information for any developer starting working with Blockchain! Unfortunately, it can become very time-consuming and painful to try launching your project without clearly written guidelines. 

The Centr group took this initiative and composed a universal library of documents to connect to a node and use the API functionality. Guidelines are presented for C#, NodeJS, Python.

These files will help you connect directly from the development environment without defining the corresponding functions from the user. 

Credits Team would like to express their gratitude to the Centr Blockchain Software group, which has collected all the information and conveniently systemized it. A great job has been done for making the adoption of Credits Blockchain easier and available for anyone. 

Suppose you are a developer looking to start working on one of the fastest Blockchains with no sharding. In that case, we encourage you to use this documentation source to begin building your application efficiently and simply!

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