News Oct 08 ,2021

Credits Weekly Digest

Welcome to Credits Weekly Digest

Here you can find all our news and updates that have taken place over the past few days.

Credits October Q&A 

will be published on October 29th; until then, we are collecting your questions for this session. Please feel free to send them over to us via social media or TG chat. 


Following the general update made, the team is observing the behavior of nodes and the general work of blockchain. This observation period ensures the system's stable work and will continue for the next couple of weeks. We are testing and checking that updated versions work well. 

Credits wallet

This week Credits team is installing some improvements we have made in KYC. 

We refined the following points in the processes. 

1) We are adding a functionality tool allowing user verification via video as per the regulator requirement. These updates we are implementing now are increasing the security of the application. 

2) Within the KYC procedure, we insert the option of residence address proof with a simple step of attaching a document with address confirmation in your app.

This week we are starting to introduce our team members to the general public. So please read the interview with the main technical person in our team, Chief Technological Officer, Dmitry Chernyshev!

All users are always welcome to reach us out on our social media and in TG chats. Thank you all for your continuous support and feedback! Stay updated with the latest in Credits!

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